Give it your best shot


We have created a Golf policy to cover any risk derived from playing your favourite sport, so that you don't have to think about anything but your game. With this policy, no one will put you off your shot and you will be completely at ease.


Golf is a magnificent sport involving relaxation in the heart of nature, and requiring plenty of concentration to make those telling shots. Enjoy absolute peace of mind while playing the sport at any officially recognized club.

  • Clubs and equipment
  • Fire and theft with intimidation or violence, when the clubs and equipment are stored with the caddy-master, or at the professional shop in officially recognized Golf Clubs, or while being transported by the insured.
  • Breakage and/or damage to equipment during the course of play.
  • "Hole in One"
  • The extra costs involved in celebrating a “Hole in One”:  The extra costs the insured must pay as a result of achieving a "hole in one", while playing in officially recognized competitions at any Golf Club throughout the world.
  • Third Party Liability up to €100,000. With regard to third parties. This covers accidents occurring abroad, provided that  liability would have applied to the insured had the same accident occurred in Spain. It also covers the deposit of bail bonds up to 50% of the maximum limit insured for expenses and indemnity.
  • Personal Accidents

Covers death, permanent disability and medical expenses resulting from accidental injury occurring in the Golf Club.


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